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How to Set Up CloudPayments

Step 1. Set Up Integration in Your CloudPayments Account

To integrate your account with CloudPayments, you need to create a new account or modify your existing CloudPayments account. More information about registration with CloudPayments is available here.

In your account, go to the Sites tab → Add new site. Specify the website name.

In the Site address field, specify the address of your portal: {Account name}.flowlu.com. You can see it in the section System settingsMain.

Go to the settings of the added site:

Enable the payment verification request and enter the address for sending notifications:

{Account name}.flowlu.com/external/rest/fin/paymentsystems/cp_check  

Enable notifications of received payment and enter the address:

{Account name}.flowlu.com/external/rest/fin/paymentsystems/cp_pay

Enable notification of declined payment: and enter the address:

{Account name}.flowlu.com/external/rest/fin/paymentsystems/cp_fail

Check that in the Mode field the Test Mode is selected.

Copy the Public ID, you will need it later.

Step 2. Set Up the Payment Method in Flowlu

Go to Flowlu, in the section System settingsFinancePayment Methods and click the Create button.

In the opened form select the item "CloudPayments".

  • In step 2, specify the system name of the payment method, the button name (it will be displayed when viewing the invoice online) and, if necessary, the description of the payment method as an explanation for your portal users.
  • Specify from which organization you will issue the invoices using this payment method. Organizations are created in the Flowlu settings, in the same section.
  • Choose the type of payer, depending on who you will issue the invoices to. There can only be contacts from CRM (individuals), only companies (legal entities) or both.
  • in the Sort column specify the numerical order in which the button will be displayed. The smaller the number, the higher in order the button of payment through this payment system will be displayed. It is relevant if you plan to use several payment systems.

In step 3, in the field Public key from the CloudPayments account, insert the previously saved Public ID key, in the field Payment name, specify the type of payment, for example, Invoice payment or Payment for services. Click Next.

Select the Publish payment method option and click Save. The integration setup is complete.

Step 3. Test Online Payments

To conduct a test payment, create an account from the organization specified in the method settings and select the client account. Copy the external link and follow it. In the invoice, there will be a CloudPayments button, through which you can make a test payment.

How to make a test payment you can read here.

After successful testing of online payment in the settings of your CloudPayments account change the mode of operation to Live. After that, you will be able to accept payments from customers.

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