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Access Rights: Finance

For the Finance module, you can set access rights for each employee, thereby providing financial information only to certain individuals. Only portal administrator can assign access rights in the Portal Settings section → FinanceMain Settings  Roles and permissions.

You can also set up access rights in the Marketplace, by clicking on the Finance module.

You can give the role of Administrator, Employee, Senior Sales or deny access.


The administrator can see all information in the Finance application: transactions, invoices, estimates, reports.


An employee has access to estimates and invoices. This person does not have access to transactions or financial reports.  

In the main Finance settings, you can set certain restrictions for employees on invoices and estimates.

For invoices the following settings are available:

Each user has access to all issued invoices — this person will be able to see the invoices of other coworkers. Disable this option if you want the employee to see only his/her invoices.

Each user can record payment for invoices  — the employee will be able to independently mark invoices as Paid. If you disable this option, only administrators of the Finance module are able to do it. If you have payment systems connected, then the invoice will be marked as Paid automatically after receiving the online payment.

Use invoice approval — if this option is selected, the system will prompt you to assign an Approver. Approver has to be the administrator of the Finance module.

Restrict changes to approved, to paid and sent invoices — this will allow you to avoid confusion in the invoices.

There are following settings available for Estimates:

Each user has access to all estimates (quotes) — he/she will be able to see the estimates of other employees. Disable this option and the employee will only have access to his/her estimates.

Disable editing an estimate after it is sent—nobody will be able to make any changes to the estimate after it is emailed to the client.

Restrict changes to estimates that were converted to invoices — an employee will not be able to edit or make changes to estimate after it has been converted into the invoice.

Access Denied

Deny access and then the employee will not have access to any options of the Finance app. Additionally, they will not be able to create any invoices, estimates, transactions.

Senior Sales

Senior Sales are able to create invoices, estimations in the Finance and Project modules. This access level doesn't have access to the Money and Budgeting tab in the Finance module. 

Access Rights to Money Transactions 

In the Finance module, you can record, monitor, and edit transactions. All transactions related to certain bank accounts In Portal Settings, you can set up access rights for each bank account so employees will be able to see transactions related only to that account. Also, you can set if the employee is able only to observe or edit transactions.

To set up access rights, go to Portal Settings → Finance → Bank Accounts. Then, select the bank account you want to grant access to.

Go to the Users tab and select a user you want to add. You can choose between two access types:

  • View — user will be able only to observe transactions for this bank account.
  • Editing — user will be able to add and edit transactions for this bank account.

Click Save to apply changes. 

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