Financial Reports

You can find all financial reports in the Reports section → Finance.

Financial Dashboard Report

This report displays:

  • the total amount of income and expenses for all organizations and each one separately. You will know exactly how much money was received and how much money you spent each month, even taking into account the cash flow.
  • cash balances for each account;
  • the amount of income and expenses by items for the last 3 months and their percentage shares. This will allow you to quickly control the financial situation and prevent unreasonable costs.

Cash Flow Report

It gives a clear picture of the company financial condition. The report presents income and expenses, divided by type of activity and items. 

If your screen does not fit all the information—use the horizontal scroll located below:

The report displays the following key indicators:

  • cash balance at the beginning of the period by items—the total amount that the company has attracted or spent as a result of its activities. Negative amounts are indicated by parentheses.
  • the amount of income or expenses in each month during the year for each financial item;
  • the amount of financial savings (in the Cumulative cash flow column) and profits (in the Cash flow column) by months;

Cash flow—the difference between the amounts of income and expenses for the month. If the amount of cash flow is negative, it is indicated by parentheses.

Cumulative cash flow—a balance of accounts at the end of the month.

  • the total amount of cash received or spent at the end of the period.

All of the above financial indicators can be viewed with split by organizations, types of activity (operating, investment, financial) and years.

Revenue Report

In this report, you will be able to track the changes in revenue over the last six months. The report has a filter to view revenues for each organization separately.

The amounts of income by financial categories for the last 4 months are presented in the table below the graph:  

Expenses Report

This report has a graph of expenses that is identical to the graph of incomes. Here you can track the dynamics of expenses over the last six months, which will make it clear whether your expenses are justified or not. If you have several organizations, a filter will be displayed here to view the financial indicators for each company.

Amount of expenses by financial category are presented in the form of a table below the graph:

Profit and Loss Report

In this report, you can see the profit and loss of your company for the specified period of time. Profit and loss will be sorted into relevant categories that allow you to view revenue, operating costs, taxes, expenses after net profit, as well as other types of expenses.

The content of revenue and expense categories can be changed in the "Categories" section in the Finance settings. You can either add your own category or remove the existing ones. For these types, it will be possible to see the corresponding types of profit.

By clicking on any value in this report, you can see the details of transactions for the selected period, open the CRM account page and the transaction itself.

If you do not want payments / expenses to be displayed in this report, then you will need to choose “Not Executed” status when creating or editing it.