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How to Integrate Flowlu With Calendly

Calendly is a modern meeting scheduling platform that allows you to schedule different kinds of events quickly and efficiently.

Set up the integration of your Flowlu account with Calendly and automatically convert data on scheduled meetings from Calendy into Flowlu events and opportunities.

As soon as the client schedules a meeting on Calendly, it sends this data to Flowlu. The system will automatically create a new event, opportunity and contact / company based on the data received from the client’s response.

Please note that your Calendly account must be on Professional plan or higher in order to set up the integration.

How to Set Up Integration with Calendly

To create an integration, you need to configure both the Flowlu account and the Calendly account.

Stage 1. Setting Up Flowlu Account

1. Go to the Apps section and install Calendly app.

2. After installing the application, open a new section "Calendly" that will appear in the left menu.

3. Click "Connect Calendly".

4. In the window that opens specify the name of your token. Do not close the page, we will need it at the stage of the token creation.

Stage 2. Setting Up Calendly Account

1. Open the "Integrations" section.

2. Follow the link "API & Webhooks" → "Personal Access Token."

3. Click "Generate New Token".

4. In the window that opens, specify the name for your token and click "Create Token".

5. Copy your token.

6. Paste the token from integration settings in Flowlu and click "Check token" in order to get data about users and all event types they have in Calendly.

Please note that you must have access rights to the CRM module otherwise the option to use CRM is not available when setting up integration with Calendly.

Step 3. Configuring Field Mapping

After verification, a new section with the Calendly username and all user's available event types will be displayed. Do not forget to link the Flowlu user with the Calendly user, otherwise Calendly user will be considered inactive. This means that the events of this user will not be created in the calendar, as well as opportunities, contacts / companies.

If event types are unchecked, the system will not take them into account so that calendar events, opportunities, contacts and companies will not be created for them.

For each of the selected event types, there are sections for configuring field mapping for an opportunity, contact and organization. They are necessary for the system to identify what data from the scheduled meeting needs to be imported into certain fields of the opportunity, contact or company.

Below you can set a sales pipeline, source and default tags for each opportunity, which will be automatically generated for each scheduled meeting in Calendly.

The name of the opportunity is not required. If the opportunity does not have a name, but some of its other fields are specified, then the opportunity will be named as Event Type. The rest of the fields can be left blank (not selected). In this case, the contact or company will not be created.


Congratulations! You have successfully configured the integration with Calendly and now you can automatically create events, opportunities and contacts / organizations for scheduled events from your Calendly account. 


There is two levels of access rights for integration with Calendly: administrator and access denied. The access rights can be set in the module settings in the "Apps" section or by clicking on the gear button. The Administrator can add integration. 

All opportunities created from Calendly will be displayed according to the access rights to the CRM module, not to the Calendly integration module.

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