Creating Opportunities From Web Form

In Flowlu, there are several types of pre-made web forms for capturing data, which you can install on your website. After filling in this web form, an opportunity with contacts and a message from the user will be automatically created for all the potential customers in CRM. The manager will immediately be able to take this opportunity into action. Due to this option you do not lose any incoming opportunities from the website and quickly process all incoming opportunities.

Step 1. Install Web Form to Your Website

You can find the web forms in the System Settings → CRM → Web to lead. Here you can choose the web forms for a question, a callback order or reply to an email. 

The section with ready-made web forms

Example of a ready-made web form

Select the form that corresponds to your goal and click on it. The new window will open with the web form settings.

When setting a web form, you can specify or change the following parameters:

  • assign the responsible person. When choosing a manager, the opportunity will automatically be placed on that manager’s name.
  • specify the source of opportunity. It will be specified in the opportunity itself and help to track where the customer came from.
  • select a sales funnel. The opportunity will be created in the appropriate funnel. If you plan to use several web forms, then you can set up a separate sales funnel for each of them.
  • change the title of the form. Rename the web form if necessary.
  • change the text of the button.

The rest of the fields you can rename through the HTML-code.

When entering your own web form title, you will immediately see how it will look like on the website:

After that, copy the code at the bottom of the page and paste it into the website.

Note: Please avoid making any changes the to the HTML-code of the web form. You can only change the CSS, if necessary, to change the design of the form.

Step 2.  Set Up the Web Form

Create the text message that will be displayed after successful or incorrect completion of the web form. Additionally, specify several email addresses of managers (separated by commas or semicolons) so that they receive notifications on their email about filling out the form.

You can do all these settings in the System Settings → CRM → Main Settings.

After this, installation is completed, and applications from the website will be created automatically in CRM.

Step 3. Test the Automatic Creation of Opportunities

To test this functionality, fill in the installed web form. Check that after it was sent to CRM ,an opportunity is created on the board you specified.