How to Create a Company and a Contact?

In Flowlu, there are several ways to create an account.

Method #1. Through "+" in the Upper Menu.

To add a new account, click the "+" button in the top menu and select the necessary button:

When creating a new company in the opened sidebar you can specify:

  • company name;
  • responsible manager, category and industry;
  • contact data;
  • create or link with existing in the system contacts;
  • tags and notes;
  • full legal name (will be needed to issue invoices), address, banking details.

When creating a new contact in the opened sidebar, you can specify:

  • first and last name;
  • responsible manager, category and industry;
  • email, phone number, website;
  • one or more organizations in which the contact operates. You can create a new one or link it to an existing one in the system;
  • additional contacts or contact data;
  • add tags and notes.

Method #2. In the Accounts, Companies or Contacts Sections

The button for creating it is in the upper right corner:

The creation of a company or contact in these sections is the same as the way described above. You just need to select the account type:

Method #3. In Any Object of the System With the Customer Field

You can add a new account on the opportunity page, task, project, account, act, transaction through the Create button:

Creating a customer card when issuing the invoice

How to Combine Duplicate Account Cards

In the case, if managers have created two identical contacts or accounts and have already entered the data: associated with them different opportunities or projects, you can combine them all into one card. To do this, go to the Companies or Contacts tab. Select two or more companies and click the Merge button.

Next, select the account card into which you want to transfer the whole work history and save it. After this, all information that is not in the selected account card will be added. For example, contact data, invoices, projects, opportunities.