How to Create Contacts and Organizations

In Flowlu, there are several ways to create a CRM account.

Method #1. Through "+" in the Upper Menu

To add a new account, click the "+" button in the top menu and select the necessary button:

When creating a new company, you can specify:

  • name;
  • assignee, category and industry;
  • contact details;
  • create or link it to the existing contacts;
  • add tags and notes;
  • attach files;
  • enter full legal name (to issue invoices), address, banking details;
  • fill in custom fields. 

When creating a new contact in the opened sidebar, you can specify:

  • title, first and last name;
  • assignee, category and industry;
  • email, phone number, website;
  • one or more organizations in which the contact operates. You can create a new one or link it to an existing organization;
  • additional and contact data;
  • add tags and notes;
  • custom fields. 

Method #2. In the All Accounts, Companies or Contacts 

You can create new record in the top right corner:

The creation of a company or contact in these sections is performed the same way as described above. You just need to select the account type:

Method #3. In Any System Object With the Customer Field

You can add a new account on the opportunity page, task, project, invoice, transaction via the Create button:

Creating a customer card when issuing the invoice