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How to Segment Organizations and Contacts

You can classify all CRM accounts by category and industry. For example, you can divide accounts into suppliers, partners, customers, and advertising agencies, or trading companies.

Setting Up Categories and Industries

To do the settings, go to Portal Settings → CRM → Reference and select the Categories tab or the Industry tab.

By default, the system already has categories and industries created.

You can delete, edit, deactivate and add your own categories and industries. To edit or delete, move the cursor over the name of category or industry.

To deactivate, uncheck the box in Active column. After that, the category or industry will not be displayed in the list for selection.

To add a new category or industry, enter the title and press the Enter button.

Each category and industry, has the number of accounts that have been assigned to a given category or industry.

The category and industry are selected when creating or editing an account record.

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