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How to Merge Duplicate Records

If you have created two identical contacts or companies and linked them to different opportunities or projects, you can merge these duplicate records into one CRM record. Flowlu offers two ways to handle the duplicate contacts and companies.

How to Deduplicate Records in Bulk

If you have a large customer base, finding duplicates manually can be quite challenging. Instead, run an auto duplicate check and merging to avoid doing manual actions. 

Go to your Contacts or Organizations. In the upper right corner, click on the three-dot button and select "Manage duplicates."

You'll be taken to the screen with four tabs. Flowlu will automatically display duplicates by name, phone number, email, and tax ID.

Note that Flowlu can display up to 100 duplicates per a duplication check. To display more duplicates, simply go to Duplicate Management again and repeat the same steps for merging duplicates.

Navigate to the specific tab. For example, if you go to the Email tab, Flowlu will search for all the Contacts/Organizations in which the Email field values are the same.

Review the records and exclude those records you do not want to merge.

Next, determine into which record you want to merge the selected contacts/organizations (master record).

Click "Merge" in the upper right corner. Please note that the contacts/organizations merged to the master record will be removed permanently and cannot be restored

    Once the de-duplication is complete, you'll see the number of duplicates merged.

    How to Find and Merge Duplicates Manually

    Sometimes, you may stumble upon duplicate records accidentally. In this case, you can merge such records manually on the spot. To do this, go to the Contacts or Organizations tab. Select two or more records and click the Merge button.

    Next, select the CRM account page into which you want to transfer the data. Save.

    After this, all information (that is not in the selected CRM record) will be added. For example, contact data, invoices, projects, opportunities.

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