How to Work with an Account Card

The account card contains all the information and work history. This is a very convenient tool for the daily work of managers. By opening the card, the manager can quickly find out when and what was done for the client and immediately plan new activities in a couple of clicks. To do this, he will not have to go to a new page and open several tabs. Due to the multi-layer sidebar, all the work is done in one window, which significantly saves your employees’ time.

For example, when you are in the account card, you can create a new event, a task, an invoice, a project, and so on. Read more about this below.

The window for creating a new item will open above the account card:

Creating the event in the account card

How to Quickly Switch to the Account Card?

The account card can be opened anywhere in the system where there is a link to it. For example:

  • From the projects list.
  • From the invoice page.

What is Available in the Account Card?  

The following information is displayed in the side panel of the account card:

  • business type (1);
  • responsible manager (2);
  • contact persons (3);
  • contact information and requisites;
  • all previous working history: past and planned appointments, completed and current tasks, projects, estimates, received payments and so on;

For example, on the Invoices tab, there is a list of all issued invoices with payment statuses:

The Projects tab displays a list of active and archived projects:

From the account card, you can go to the necessary invoice, opportunity, project, or task, simply by clicking on the name.

From the sidebar you can:

  • issue an estimate, invoice, create project, opportunity, task, and event;
  • by clicking on the contact, go to his card;
  • when clicking on the name of an event, opportunity, task, or project, another window opens in the sidebar where you can enter information. For example, accept a task or close an opportunity;

When all these actions are performed, new windows open above the previous ones, which allows you to close quickly and return to previously opened windows.

Account Detailed Page

The full history of working with an account, for example, archived opportunities, completed tasks, can be found on the account detailed page:

Going to the account detailed page

Account detailed page

The counters are displayed on the left panel. The turquoise numbers—show the number of current events, tasks, and projects. The red numbers—the number of overdue events, tasks, and projects. Counters will help you not to forget about the current activities and to hurry to perform the expired ones.