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How to Integrate Jira With Flowlu

Flowlu integration with Jira allows you to import issues from Jira to a specific Agile project in Flowlu. 

How to Import Issues from Jira

1. Go to Home page and click Add button.    

2. Then click Agile ProjectsImport issues from Jira.

3. When the Import from Jira widget is created, press the Import button on it.

4. Select your Agile project where you want to import the issues from Jira. 

5. Enter your login details such as your team's site and email.

6. Here you also need to indicate an API Token. It can be generated in your Atlassian account. Please follow this guide from Atlassian to learn how to create an API Token.

7. Next, you need to select Jira project and map the fields from Jira with Flowlu fields. Select types, statuses, priorities and users. 

 8. After you map the fields, click "Next" and see the total number of issues to be imported to Flowlu. Press "Import."

9. After the issues are successfully imported, you will see the "Next" button. Click on it to finish the import. 

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