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With Workspaces, you can create separate workspaces within your Flowlu account that can be used to split company activities/departments/etc. For example, you can divide departments such as development, advertising, sales, support or create a workspace to organize freelancers' work.

The workspace members will have access to all the necessary data for a particular area of work. All information will be displayed in one place.

In a workspace, you can set up user access rights to internal data, which is very convenient for restricting access to confidential information.

How to Install Workspaces

The Workspaces module is optional and not included by default. You can install it in the Marketplace section:

Click on the Workspaces app in the list and click Install.

After the installation, go to "User Access Settings" tab. Here you can assign access rights to this application. The employees that are not allowed to access this module will not see this module in the main menu. If you set the Administrator access level, the user can create, configure and delete any workspace. The administrator will also see all the created workspaces (with both shared and restricted access). The users with the Employee permissions can only join the public workspace or the one to which they were invited.

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