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Custom Fields in the Organizational Structure

Each block can contain custom fields with any information. By default, there is only one field - Product. We recommend using it to understand the final goal of each department or division. It helps to quickly understand what kind of result is expected from these employees.

Custom fields can be displayed even in the structure. All you need to do is to turn on the “display in structure” field while creating or editing the block.

This way, the custom field will be displayed in the company structure.

Setting of Custom Fields

To add new custom field to the company structure, click the gear icon in the module.

Go to the Custom Fields tab and click the Add Field button.

In the opened window, you can fill in the name of the custom field and select its type.

In the “Custom Field” tab you can also:

  1. Delete the field

  2. Set activity

  3. Set the display in the list

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