How to Sort Tasks by Lists

1. Using the editing mode

Open the task and go to the editing mode by clicking on the three-dot button in upper right corner. The field which enables you to set up a link to a task list is located at the very bottom.

2. Using the drag and drop

When you have assigned tasks so that they are already sorted by folders with dates, projects, workspaces or are delegated, you can additionally allocate tasks by your own lists. 

It is more convenient to allocate tasks by lists from All folder. This way, you will not miss a single task. You can also sort all tasks from Assigned to the folder to see your own tasks as well as delegated tasks. Use drag and drop to instantly move the tasks to the required folder.

3. Creating tasks in the list

Go to the list you need and create a task by clicking Add Task button. Task will automatically be linked to this list.

Each teammate creates and structures tasks by their own lists. For example, one task may be related to the task list named Design by a project manager while it can also be displayed at task list named Edit by a designer.

Adjusting and Deleting Lists

Editing and deleting button appear when you hover over its name.

The well-organized task list will help you to free your mind for new ideas. Thanks to proper planning you will become more flexible in managing time, career and life in general!