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Creating a New Task

The faster the tasks are performed, the more efficient the work is. In Flowlu, tasks are set at just a couple of clicks. Create a task, assign a responsible person and collaborators, set the priority and deadline, and monitor the task progress. When the task is completed, you will receive an instant notification.

How to create a task

  • You can create a task by clicking the Create button in the top right corner in the Tasks application.
  • In any other application with tasks, e.g.—CRM, Projects, Workspace.
  • Using a 'Plus' button, a task can be created in any module of your account.
  • In the Tasks application, click on the Add a task field to quickly create a task. After you indicate its name and assignee, press Enter. You can always add any further information later, e.g., checklist, assignee, detailed information, files.

Task Fields 

On the task page, you can enter almost all information by simply clicking on any field. To go to the task page, click on its name.

To go to the edit mode, click on the three-dots button in the upper right corner:

Let's take a closer look at what information can be entered and what you can do on the task page.

1. Title. If you need to change the name of the task, just click in this field and enter the information. A click outside the editing area saves the changes.

2. Description. Describe in details what the task is about and give recommendations.

3. Checklist. This is useful if the task should be broken down into steps.

4. You can attach files to the task: PDFs, docs, images. Flowlu is also integrated with Google.Drive. Using the appropriate icon, you can attach any document from your Google Drive.

5. You can set an exact start date and a deadline.

6. Priority. By default, the task is assigned a medium priority, but you can change it by clicking on the corresponding field. In the list of tasks, the assignee will immediately see that the task is assigned a high priority.

7. Owner and Assignee. You can assign a task using the arrow icon in the upper right corner. 

8. Collaborators and followers. You can learn more about the difference here.

9. You can also select the list in which the task will be placed.

10. Create subtasks to break complex tasks into more manageable, smaller units. Each subtask has its own assignee, owner and collaborators. 

11. You can also add a tag, reminder, a link to an opportunity, a project, a CRM contact/organization.  

12. Copy the link of the task page by clicking on the paper clip in the upper right corner.

13. Open a page in a new tab by clicking on the square icon with an arrow.

14. To change an assignee, click the reassign button. 

15. By clicking on the three-dot button, you can print the task, view and set up automation actions (workflow), go to the editing mode, copy or delete a task.

16. You can also change the task stage or complete a task right from the task page. 

The data below can be entered only in the editing mode of the task:

17. The scheduled time is specified in the "Estimated time" field. When you want to specify only minutes, write "m" next to the number, and if you want to specify hours, it is enough to specify only the number. If you specify hours and minutes, enter the digits separated by a space. For example: 2 - space - 30. The hours and minutes are set automatically. Save the entered time with the Enter key.

18. If necessary, activate or deactivate The assignee can change the deadline for this task and This task needs approval from the owner.

19. One the page Other, you can also make the task a recurring one and set up Estimated Time.

When all the fields are completed, press Save or Enter.

What happens after you've created a task

An assignee and collaborators are notified of the created task. If the user logs off, the notification is sent to the email.

There are two access rights to tasks:

  1. Administrator. This individual has access to all tasks in the Flowlu account. An administrator can edit tasks, adjust fields, reassign roles to tasks created by him/her and by other users.
  2. Employee. This individual has access to tasks he/she created or is assigned to (collaborator, follower or assignee).

If a task is assigned to a user with Employee access right, this user cannot edit or delete the task or add collaborators. 

When assigning a new task, you can also allow an assignee to change the deadline of the task. 

The employee is able to perform the following actions:

  • making checklists and checking the boxes.
  • fill in the report.
  • delegate a task if a user fails to implement a task. 

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