Create a New Task

The faster the tasks are performed, the more efficient the work is. In Flowlu, tasks are set in just three clicks and without annoying additional windows, no matter where you are. Create a task, assign a responsible person and collaborators, set the priority and deadline, and monitor the implementation. When the task is completed, you will receive a notification.

There are two ways of creating tasks—through a quick creation or using the full form. A task can be created in almost any application of the system and linked to a transaction or project, as well as to an account card.

We will tell you more about how to link tasks to opportunities, projects, and account cards.

Creating a task via a quick form

Linking a Task to an Opportunity

A link is set on the opportunity page. There are two ways to create a task linked to an opportunity.

Method #1. On the opportunity side panel

Go to the CRM app. Click Create and select the corresponding item in the menu:

Method #2. On the opportunity detailed page on the Tasks tab

In order to go to the opportunity detailed page, click the sidebar on the square with an arrow pointing diagonally upwards. Or, you can open an opportunity in a new tab.

Use the Add Task button (1) or the quick task creation column (2):

Linking a Task to the Project

Method #1

When creating a task through the full form or in the created task on the Additional tab:

Linking to the project in the task creation form

Method #2

Go to the task list and move the task to the project folder. The Task list displays all the projects in which you are a manager.

Method #3

In the Task list, open the folder with the project (1) and create a task through the quick form (2) or via the Create task button (3):

In this case, linking to the project will be set automatically.

Method #4. Create a task in the project itself:

  • on the Main page:
  • on the Tasks tab:

Linking a Task to Contact/Organization

The task can be additionally linked to an CRM account, even if it is already linked to an opportunity or project. There are also several ways to do this.

Method #1

When creating a task in the Links section:

Method #2. On the side panel of the account page through the Create button:

Method #3. On the detailed page of the account page

Account detailed page opens when you open it in a new tab or with the help of the corresponding button.

To go to the detailed page of the account card, click on the sidebar on the square with the arrow pointing diagonally upwards. Or open the card in a new tab.

The opportunity's name, the project, and the account name are displayed in the Task List, which allows you to quickly determine where each task belongs to: