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To-Do List

This section is inspired by GTD methodology and brings together all the tasks that are related to you. These are personal or delegated tasks, tasks where you're a collaborator, etc. Distributing tasks into the folders will help you to quickly navigate in the large to-do lists, efficiently manage tasks and easily focus on the important assignments.

The first folder Inbox is designed to record the tasks that you may need to perform. These can be thoughts and ideas you come up with during the meeting or brainstorming. You can decide whether to perform them and, if so, when exactly to execute them later.

You can create a task instantly: just click Add Task, type in the name of your task and press Enter.

You need to review tasks from Inbox section regularly. Perform them immediately if it takes less than two minutes. Assign them to someone, distribute into the folders with dates, projects, lists, etc. Or, simply delete them if you're certainly not going to do them.

In the All folder, the entire list of your tasks is displayed, these are the tasks in which you are an assignee. Tasks from the Inbox folder are not displayed here.

The tasks can be additionally sorted by date, priority, owner, project, workspace, lists. This will allow you not to lose track of things and concentrate on the tasks that you need to do the most. You can also filter the tasks by name, deadline, start date, workflow, assignee, owner, tags, collaborators, workspace, project.  

Please note that the selected filter will be saved. And the next time you log in, you will not need to set it again.

The Today folder displays overdue tasks, as well as tasks that need to be started or completed today. 

The Tomorrow folder contains tasks that require attention only tomorrow.

The Without Date folder includes tasks that do not posses any start or end date. According to GTD principles, you need to start them as soon as possible.

In the Assigned to a folder, there are all the tasks that you have assigned to your team members. Find out more about assigning the tasks.

The I'm a collaborator folder displays the tasks in which you are a collaborator. Collaborators track the progress of work, receive notifications on new comments, they can add their own comments as well. Find out more about a collaborator role.

Completed tasks that you have assigned to your teammates automatically get into the Need my Approval folder. Tasks from this folder should be regularly reviewed, and either be approved or rejected.

The tasks that were assigned to you by your teammates and which you have completed, automatically fall into the Waiting for Approval folder. Tasks stay in this folder until their owner approves them.

Find out more: How to approve a task or send for revision

You can also distribute tasks between your own Lists based on a specific task quality or characteristics. These lists are visible only to you. The users can create their own lists for structuring tasks. Learn more.

In the Projects section, there are your projects, where you are Project Manager. In the project folders, you can see current and completed tasks, for which you are responsible or an owner.

The Workspaces tab comprises your tasks that are related to the workspaces in which you take a part.

In the Completed tasks folder, you can find recently closed tasks or go to the All Tasks.

The Tasks module administrators can also see how their employee to-do list look like by selecting the appropriate teammate in the following field:

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