How to create a project?

The project is created in all main system applications:

  • in the Project List. To create, click "Add project":
  • in the section "Project Templates". If there are several templates, you can immediately select the one you need, so that when you will create a project, a link to it will be automatically established.

If there are 6 or more templates, select the one you need from the drop–down list:

If there are 5 templates and less, then – in the line:

You can add a new project through the full form (1), or use the quick add form (2):

  • through the top menu bar – hover the mouse over the "+" icon and select the desired item:
  • from the account card via the "Create" button:
  • from the Opportunity, also using the "Create" button:

In the opened sidebar, specify the project name. The remaining data can be filled later. The data such as:

  • project priority;
  • description;
  • project template, in which the stages, milestones, and tasks are already created. If you are creating a non–standard project, then you need to select the "Project without a template";
  • project duration;
  • project budget (planned revenue and cost limit);
  • a customer from CRM. In the same column, you can add a new account card (when selecting an account, the "Create" button is displayed).

All general data on the project you can change at any time through the "Edit" button:

Or modify it on the project page: