How to Create an Estimate?

The estimates can be created:

From the company card or contact, in the CRM application

Go to the section CRMAll accounts and select the company or contact for whom you want to create an estimate. In the opened sidebar, click the Create button and in the opened menu select Create Estimate.

Creating an estimate from the quick view panel of the counterparty card

Estimates with a link to an account are also can be created on the account detailed page. In order to go to the detailed page, click the arrow button in the sidebar.

Going to the detailed page

Creating an estimate from the quick view panel of the account card

● from the transaction. Go to the section CRMOpportunities

● estimates with a link to transactions are also created from the sidebar or from the detailed page.

Creating an estimate from the sidebar of the transaction

Creating an estimate from the transaction detailed page

● In the Finance application, in the Estimates section.

Filling Up the Estimate Template

● Specify the organization on behalf of which you prepare an estimate if you have more than one (1);

● Select a customer from the list that you have already created, or add a new one (2);

● The person responsible for creating the estimate is chosen by default. If necessary, you can change him;

● Select the print estimate form if you have more than one (3);

● If necessary, specify Reference (4). This field is optional;

● Set the validity dates of the estimate (5). Next, specify the products, services that you want to offer the customer, and their price;

● Select the price type (you can set them up in the Products & Services application). If necessary, add the columns for specifying a discount, a fee for delivery, a price adjustment (6);

● Specify the product items. Create new ones or select from the catalogue if they were added previously. Specify price, quantity and discounts (7).

After saving the estimate, its template will open. In the Information section, all the links will be displayed, and on the History tab—a list of changes in the estimate's amount and status.

Once Created, the Estimate can be Sent or Printed to the Client

Where can I find the created estimates?

All client estimates you can see in the client card:

In the Total list of estimates using filtering by client:

If the estimate was created from the transaction, then it will be displayed on the transaction detailed page: