Setting a Custom Invoice Template

If you do not like the existing templates of invoices, you can modify them.

You can do the following:

  • rename the fields, hide unnecessary ones;
  • add the text of the payment terms to the invoice form.

To do this, go to System SettingsFinancePayment Methods & Templates

By default, an invoice template is already created in this section. Go to it to modify the field names or remove them. You can always create here a new template if you need to create invoices with different templates.

Step #1

To create a new invoice template, click the Create button in the upper right corner.

In the opened sidebar, select the item with the template (it is under the online payments).

And click Next.

Step #2

Here you need to specify:

  • A payment method. This name is used only inside the system, you will use it for selecting the appropriate invoice form.
  • The payment button name. When the client opens the invoice via an external link—through this button, he will be able to print out the invoice. You can name it, for example, Print or Download.
  • If necessary, add an explanation of what this invoice template accounts for.
  • Choose organization, date of which are filled in the section FinanceOrganizations.
  • Type of Payer. Here you can choose either the contacts from CRM (individuals), the companies (legal entities) or both. If you plan to invoice the legal entities, then select the type of Company.
  • Ordering. If your organization has several invoice templates, use the sorting. By default, when issuing the invoice, the template with the smallest numerical value will be chosen.
Please note: Each Invoice template is linked to a specific organization. If a similar template is needed for another organization, create a separate invoice template for it.

After filling the data click Next.

Step #3          

Go to the next step, in the settings of the actual fields to be displayed in the invoice template. Here you can do the following:      

  • specify another name for the organization to be displayed in the invoices. For example, if you work with foreign clients, you can display a name in a foreign language (1);
  • put a checkmark if you want to display a logo in the invoice (2);
  • hide or fill out the Bank Details block;

  • Rename fields. For example, the invoice title (1) or the fields with the payer's contact information (2);
  • If you do not need to display any fields in the invoice, just clear them from the text (3);

Add the text of the invoice payment terms. If necessary, it can be modified for a specific invoice.

Step #4

Now you can publish a payment method.

The template is ready and you can use it now to invoice customers.