How to Add a Custom Field

Custom fields are designed for recording of any additional data in the cards of accounts, transactions, projects and other Flowlu modules and applications.

For example, in the opportunity, you can display fields for specifying special conditions for the customer, discounts, information about the delivery—address, necessary time, contact phone number, etc. In the task—a field for specifying the cost. In the project—a field for specifying suppliers, contractors or external executors from CRM.

To set up and display the user fields in the applications, you do not need any technical skills. This can be done quickly and easily.

1. Go to the System Settings (1)Custom fieldsMain Settings (2)General (3) and select the application, for which you need to add the custom field.

2. Click the Add Field button:

3. Name it and choose the type.

4. Save the added field. Then go to its settings, by clicking on its name, and specify the necessary settings. For all available settings for each field, see below.

Going to the field settings