Custom Fields and Lists

In Flowlu, in the cards of transactions, accounts, projects, tasks and other applications, there are universal fields for entering information that is suitable for any company. But we know that every business has its own characteristics and it is necessary to record specific information on customers and orders or even maintain separate tables to track information. Each company needs a tool that is most suitable for it.

For example, legal or insurance companies need to record a lot of personal data about the clients. Construction companies in the projects need to specify architects, contractors, and suppliers.

To resolve this, in Flowlu you can display your own fields in all the main applications of the system or create separate lists to keep and track important data in them. You can add any number of different type fields and lists. You are only limited by your own imagination.

In this section, we describe how to set up and use custom fields in applications and your own tables using the Lists application.

  Custom lists in the Account card

Custom fields in the Projects list

Custom list