Setting Up the Sales Funnel

The sales funnel is the client's journey from the very first contact to you to the product purchase. The funnel is consisted of the steps by which the manager navigates the client from the first request to closing the deal. Each such step is called the funnel stage. The funnel shows the potential sales value and the number of opportunities. In Flowlu, you can set up any number of funnels for each type of business and manage the sales in one single place.

How to Create a Sales Funnel

Go to the System Settings → CRM → Sales Funnels.

A sales funnel is created by default but you can always edit it. To create a new sales funnel, click the Create button.

In the opened sidebar, specify the funnel name and description.

To add the stages, click on the funnel. In the opened sidebar, indicate the steps.

To rename a stage, hover over it. Rename it and click on the checkmark or any other place outside the editing field.

You can select the color of each stage, which will be displayed in the CRM report when you select this funnel. 

With the help of drag&drop, you can arrange the funnel stages in the necessary order.

To add a new stage, click on the corresponding button:

To edit an existing sales funnel, click on its name. In the opened sidebar, hover over the name of the funnel and rename it.

Funnels and stages will be displayed in the CRM module, on the Opportunities tab.

Using drag&drop, sort the funnels in the order in which you want to display them on the Opportunities board.

How to delete a stage

If necessary, you can temporarily change the activity of the stage. In this case, the stage will not be displayed on the board. To deactivate the stage, select "No" in the "Active" column. When the stage is deactivated, all opportunities that are at the current stage will be moved to the previous stage.

To delete one or more stages, select them.

In this case, all opportunities will also go to the previous stage. If you deactivate or delete the first stage of the funnel, the opportunity will remain in the new first stage.

How to Delete the Sales Funnel

If you have opportunities in the sales funnel, and you do not want to use the funnel, but want to save the opportunities, then deactivate the funnel in the "Active" column.

All opportunities will be saved, but you will not be able to create new ones using this funnel. Also, it will not be displayed in the list of active opportunities.

If you want to delete the entire funnel, then you need to delete all opportunities in the active opportunities and archived opportunities. 

Go to CRM →  Closed Deals. Select the appropriate funnel with the filter:

Select all opportunities and delete them.

Select the sales funnel and all the opportunities in the list of active opportunities. Click the "Delete" button. After that, you can delete the funnel.