How to Create an Opportunity

An opportunity is any potential customer who has responded to any of your marketing activities and left you the contact details. It is any chance to make a profit.

The opportunity stores the entire client communication record — events, tasks, invoices, estimates, tasks, files, and more.

If the opportunity is won, an invoice is issued, or it is converted to the project. Won closed opportunities are moved to the Closed Deals section. The lost opportunities are closed with an indication of the loss reason.

You can create the opportunity manually or automatically. Read more about auto lead creation

In this manual, we tell you how to add the opportunity manually.

How to Add an Opportunity

In Flowlu, there are several ways to create an opportunity. You can choose the one that is the most convenient for you.

Method #1

Through the Add Opportunity button, in the Opportunities section:

In the opened sidebar, add the necessary information for the opportunity: 

  • name and budget of the opportunity;
  • the source of the opportunity — where did this client come from. 
  • identify the sales funnel;
  • select an account from the list or create a new one.
Find out more: How to create a company or contact

Method #2

Through the Quick Add button on the Opportunities board:

Enter the opportunity title, its amount, specify the account and click on the checkmark or Enter to save:

Method #3

Through "+" in the upper menu. And it does not matter in which section you are at this moment:

Method #4

From the organization or contact record.

Creating an account opportunity from the sidebar