Setting Up Loss Reasons and Sources of Opportunities

Loss reasons

These are the reasons due to which the opportunities are not completed. This can be a price, loss to a competitor, a low-quality lead and much more. The reasons for the refusal are indicated at the closing of the opportunity through the Lost button:

And displayed in the CRM report, which is available in the section  Reports → CRM.

The reasons for refusals are set in the System Settings → CRM → Reference → Loss reasons → Create loss reasons.

Here you can create, edit, delete or deactivate the closing status. To edit or delete, move the cursor over the name of the reason (1). To deactivate—uncheck the Active column (2).

Note: You can remove the reason only if there are no linked deals.

Sources of Opportunities

To understand which channels are the most effective ones—record the sources of opportunities. To set up opportunity sources, go to System Settings → CRM → Reference → Sources → Create new source.

The source is indicated when creating the opportunity:

You can create, edit, delete or deactivate the source of the opportunity. To edit or delete, move the cursor over the name of the source. To deactivate—uncheck the Active column. You can delete a source only if there are no opportunities linked to it.