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How to Integrate Mailchimp with Flowlu

Mailchimp is an email and marketing automation platform that lets you create and send email campaigns to your customers, subscribers, leads.

Set up the integration of your Flowlu account with MailChimp and automatically export contacts from Flowlu to send Mailchimp email campaigns to your customers and partners.

How to set up Mailchimp integration

Step 1. Installing Mailchimp app in Flowlu

Go to the Marketplace section and install the Mailchimp app.

After installation you will see the option "Connect Mailchimp", click on it and sign in to your Mailchimp account.

Stage 2. Setting up integration

After successful authorization, a new window will be displayed with a list of audiences from your Mailchimp account.

For each of the audiences, you can configure field mapping for exporting contacts/companies from Flowlu to Mailchimp and for importing them from MailChimp to Flowlu.

In the "Import and Export Settings" tab, you can specify contact categories for automatic export. It means that during creation of a contact with the specified category, it will be automatically exported to this audience in Mailchimp.

CRM account for import is also indicated. When you import contacts for a certain audience from MailChimp, they will be created as contacts or companies in Flowlu.

In the Company and Contact tabs, you can specify:

  • Assignee. When importing contacts from Mailchimp, all contacts for this audience will be created in Flowlu with the specified person in charge.
  • Category. You can specify which category a contact will be created with in Flowlu during import. There is also a category field mapping here. This option is useful if you've created a custom field (Dropdown) in MailChimp for contacts from this audience. Then you can correlate these custom fields for categories in MailChimp with the categories you already have in Flowlu.
  • Industry. You can specify which industry a contact will be created with in Flowlu during import. There is also industry field mapping here. This option is useful if you've created a custom field (Dropdown) in MailChimp for contacts from this audience. Then you can correlate these custom fields for industries from MailChimp with the industries you already have in Flowlu.
  • Name;
  • Email;
  • Telephone;
  • Description;
  • Custom fields.

After configuring field mapping, click Save.

Congratulations! You have successfully configured the integration with MailChimp and now you can export contacts from Flowlu to Mailchimp and vice versa in order to create email campaigns.

Please note that after creating the integration, the new section will not appear in the left menu, it will be created as a separate tab in the "CRM" module - "Contacts" and "Organizations".

To import contacts from Mailchimp to Flowlu, go to CRM → Contacts or Organizations and click the appropriate option:

All CRM accounts for the selected audiences and with specified categories will be imported into Flowlu.

Please note that when exporting contacts from Flowlu to Mailchimp, the field Email is required to be filled in the CRM account cards, otherwise the contacts will not be created in MailChimp.

In order to export contacts from Flowlu to Mailchimp you can:

  • go to the CRM account card → "MailChimp" tab and click on the corresponding button:
  • bulk export contacts from CRM to Mailchimp, selecting contacts / companies you need.  You can also select all at once;

Select the appropriate option and choose the Mailchimp audience you want to export your contacts to.

After export / import, all information about this contact from MailChimp will be displayed in their card. You can see their status, open rate and rating by going to the MailChimp tab.

You can export a contact to several MailChimp audiences at once through bulk editing, as shown above, or individually in the CRM account card itself.

If the CRM account belongs to two or more audiences, then here you can see all their cards from each MailChimp audience. By switching between them, you will see the status of this CRM account and the open rate in each of these audiences.

You can open a contact's profile in Mailchimp (1), you can also choose remove a contact from this audience at any time (2):

Import and export 

When uploading contacts from Flowlu to Mailchimp, the address from the contact card is automatically pulled into the contact card in Mailchimp, provided that the following fields are filled in the billing address in Flowlu:

  • State
  • City
  • Postal code
  • Address line 1

If these fields are specified in the billing address, or in the shipping address, then they will be successfully exported to Mailchimp.

If the contact / company card contains the billing address and the shipping address, then the billing address will be indicated on the contact / company card in MailChimp.

If there is only a shipping address or some of the required fields are not filled in the billing address, then then the shipping address will be indicated in the card of this contact / company in MailChimp.

So when importing contacts from MailChimp to Flowlu, these fields must be filled in the MailChimp contact page as well:

  • Street Address
  • City
  • State / Prov / Region
  • Postal / Zip
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