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Setting the Workflow

The first thing you need to get started in the Agile application is setting the stages by which the issues in your projects will be performed, from creation to completion. The path or the list of steps that you specify is called a workflow. The stages will be displayed on the Agile board in the form of columns. This will allow you to see instantly how many working processes there are, at what stage, and what is already completed. You can create any number of work processes and use them in different Agile projects.

To create a workflow, go to the Portal Settings → Agile Projects → Workflows:

Here you will see examples of processes created by default. You can delete or change them.

Creating Workflow

Method 1:

Click on the New Workflow button.

Specify the process name and create the stages. For each stage, assign a global status. 

Global statuses have a color indication, due to which you can visually evaluate their status in backlog sprint and find elements that need to be checked.

Method 2:

You can create workflow while creating the Agile project. To do that, click the workflow field while creating a new Agile project. 

Tap the Create button. 

The workflow creation field will be open, so you can quickly create a new one.

After saving the process, at any time by clicking the workflow you can edit them or delete unnecessary ones. 

How to Copy Workflows

Go to the Portal Settings → Agile Projects → Workflows. Then mark the checkbox of the workflow you want to duplicate and click the Copy button.

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