Sprint Planning

The project manager or the product owner has to place the tasks in the sprint in accordance with the goal.

It can be done in several ways:

Method #1. Using the Drag&Drop method, by selecting one or several backlog elements:

To move several backlog elements to the sprint, hold the CTRL-key (Windows) or the Command (Mac), left-click on the necessary issues (outside of the name area) and drag.

To move one or several issues to the sprint backlog, you can also use the menu that opens when you right-click on an issue:

Method #2. Specify the sprint in the issue editing window.

Method #3. Create an issue directly in the sprint line to add it quickly:

Now you need to study the issues placed in the sprint. The large ones—to break down into subtasks, specify the details in the description, create a definition of done, estimate the completeness level.