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Epic is a amount of associated tasks, based on the customer's need or end users. The main concept of epics is that they're not linked to just one sprint. When you have a big amount of associated task which can't be completed during the one sprint, you create an epic.

Epics help break the work into smaller parts, so you can regularly deliver value to your customers.

Epics are similar with subtasks and categories in some ways, but in other ways they're opposite:

  • Tasks with subtasks are linked to the sprint, while epics are independent.
  • Epics are different from categories because they're dynamic. Each epic has it's own status: In progress or Completed. Epic can't be closed if all the tasks inside are not completed.

How to Create Epic in the Agile Module

Select the Agile project you want to create an epic for.

Click the small arrow next to the Create button and select the Create Epic option from the drop-down menu.

While creating a new epic, you can specify the following information:

  • Name.
  • Start and end dates.
  • Description.

Click Save.

Where to Find Epics

You can find all the epics linked to the project on the Project Details tab. On the left sidebar, go to the Epic list tab. 

To find more detailed information about the epic, click on the name of it.

How to Add Issues to the Epic

In the Epic

Open the epic you want to populate. In the opened window, you can find detailed information about the epic and observe diagrams of issue types and the epic's progress. 

Click the Create Issue button in the top right corner to add a new issue to the epic.

In the Issue

Already existing tasks can be also added to the epic. To do that, open the issue and select the epic from the drop-down menu. 

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