Access Rights: Time Tracker

Access rights to the Time Tracker can be set by portal administrators. You can do this in the System settings → Time Tracker → Main Settings → User Access Settings.

Or, you can set it in the user's profile. To do this, go to the User Management → user's profile, for which you are going to assign permissions, → Access Rights tab.

There are three types of accesses: Employee, Administrator and Manager. It is also possible to deny user's access to the module.


User with Employee access rights can use Time Tracker and view his/her own time records. At the same time, even in these records, this person does not see the hourly rate.


The manager sees the records of all employees, he/she can edit them, change an assignee, but does not see the financial settings of the Time Tracker and the project.


The administrator has full control over the data of the Time Tracker: He/she can manage the records of all the employees, change data, and set the hourly rate both for the whole company and a particular project or task.