How to Issue an Invoice Based on Spent Time?

You can invoice customers directly from the project based on the time spent on the tasks:

  • Go to the Get More Apps and select Time Tracker. Go to its settings (you can also do this through the System Settings).
  • Enable the Issue invoices based on time tracker records option; 
  • Set the default work hour rate; 
  • Choose whether the invoice time is estimated or spent;
  • How to sort data on invoice is a parameter that allows you to choose how the data will be sorted in the invoice. If you choose Single line, the invoice will contain one line with the sum for the whole project. If you choose By tasks, there will be as many rows as there were paid tasks in the project;
  • Show in item name line allows you to add variables to the invoice lines. For example, you can automatically enter the date, task name or project name for which the invoice is issued.

All the settings, you set in this menu, apply to any default project you create. In the project settings, you can redefine them for each individual project.

In the settings of each task, you can specify whether it will be billable and redefine the rate of the hour. If the task is not billable, it will not be included in the bill.

How to Issue an Invoice?

  • Go to the project for which you want to issue an invoice;
  • Click the Create button;
  • Select Create Invoice (1).

The system will issue an invoice to the customer based on the preset settings and Time Tracker data.