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Reports: Estimated and Spent Time

With time reports, you can manage your team workload, monitor the number of planned completed tasks and evaluate each employee’s efficiency.

Estimated Time/Time Spent by All Tasks

It is a report with a timeline and summary table on all tasks: current, waiting to be monitored, finished and accepted.

This timeline demonstrates how many hours in each month were estimated and actually spent.

Due to this report, administrator can monitor team workload, increase or decrease of work performed. If the actual time exceeds the estimated time, the limit of estimated hours will come to an end and the team will have no tasks. If estimated time task significantly exceeds spent time—overload will probably happen soon. Monitor these rates and take considerable measures in time.

The table below timeline shows tasks and information on it:

  • task status (new, in progress, waiting for approval, completed);
  • name of owner, assignee;
  • time spent;
  • date of completion (equals date of task acceptance);
  • date of first task completion in the relevant column. If it doesn’t match the date of first completion, it means that the owner took a task and returned to resubmission after a while.

Administrators of Tasks app may filter data on owners and assignees. The administrator may determine if the number of planned hours exceeds spent time and if the performer copes with it.

Employees can filter data only by owners.

Below table, you can find total estimated and spent time per month.

Estimated/Spent Time by Completed Tasks

This report is available only to task owners. It takes into account tasks which are not only completed but also approved by the owner.

Here timeline shows if employees have planned hours. The green line shows how many planned hours are closed, while the blue line shows the amount of time spent on closed hours. Ideally, lines have to match or be placed above the actual timeline. In the second case, it means that employees close planned hours per fewer hours and are able to perform more tasks

Total estimated and spent time per month is also displayed under the table:

If an employee closes the task left of the previous month, time rates will be allocated as follows:

  • estimated time will be allocated to the month when the task was created (previous month);
  • spent time was allocated by those months where they were estimated in task.

Employee Report

Data on time expenditure is also available in the Tasks by Assignee report.

The administrator may discover the following information:

  • estimated time by each employee
  • actual-time employee worked
  • closed planned time by employee

This report can be seen by all users. Employees may look though their data only and this way track their proficiency.

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