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Create and Send Email Messages

After connecting one or more of your email accounts to Flowlu, you can send messages to your customers directly from your account and keep in touch with your contacts without having to leave the page! 

In Flowlu, you can create new emails:

  • in the Email module.
  • on the opportunity page.
  • on a task page.
  • on a company/contact page by clicking on an email address or in the activity feed.

In the opened email composer window:

Select a sender if you have several email accounts available.

Specify the recipient and enter the subject line (required). If you create an email from an opportunity, the recipient will be automatically filled in.

Click CC (Carbon Copy) or BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) if you'd like to add those fields. The other recipients will not know about the email addresses in BCC.

Enter the text in the email body. Format your text using the toolbar options: select a font, make your text bold, italicized, or underlined, change the text color, set the alignment, add lists, hyperlinks or tables, insert images or videos.

If you have a signature set up for this email account, it will automatically be inserted to the email body.

If necessary, add a relation to the opportunity.

Attach files.

Use templates or create a new one.

If you have the email tracking feature activated for this email account, be sure to check the appropriate icons in the top right corner of the message before sending it.

Once your mail is drafted, click the Send button in the bottom right corner of your composer.

Congratulations, your email has just been sent to the recipient!

The messages will be sent from your own email account. You can find this email in your Sent folder.

Email Page

All emails can be accessed in the Email section of the main menu. Unread emails are listed in bold. You can quickly mark an email as unread, so you can get back to it later. 

Click on any email to expand it and see the full message.

In the top toolbar, you have the following options:

Move to

Move the email to another folder

Reply allA reply will be sent to all the recipients of the email
ForwardAn email will be sent to the recipient of your choice
Mark as spamAn email will be moved to the spam folder
Trash An email will be moved to the trash folder
Mark as unreadAn email will be automatically closed

You can mark your email as completed. The completed emails will be moved to the folder your set up in the mailbox settings. In the activity feed of the opportunity or contact/organization, the completed emails would not be displayed in the Planned section. 

The links of an email to an opportunity, contact, project or task are displayed to the right. If a relation is set, then this email will be displayed on the page of the necessary object. You can always change or delete the relation by clicking on the appropriate options. You can also easily create a new contact or opportunity and link the appropriate email to it.

To create a task from an email, click the appropriate button.

You can also create a task, opportunity or contact by clicking on the 'plus' or 'create new' button.

Once an email is read, there is a checkmark next to the recipient address. 

You can also find out whether an email has been read from the list of mails.

You can track the links in the Click Tracking section. If you hover over the appropriate link, you'll see the exact date and time of clicking the link, as well as their total number of clicks.

You can leave a comment to each email to get the attention of your colleague with mentions or request a response option.

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