Turning Emails Into Contacts and Opportunities

If you want to automatically create opportunities and contacts when you receive emails from an unknown sender, select the appropriate options when:

  • connecting a new email account
  • editing an email account in settings

In the CRM section, check the Use CRM box if you want to use the features of this module when working with emails such as:

  • Create opportunities for incoming emails from a new email address.
  • Create contacts for incoming emails from a new email address.

Indicate the default source of a deal and the pipeline for all opportunities.

In Flowlu, you can also create new opportunities absolutely for each new incoming email. To do it, specify the necessary email addresses in the appropriate field. Each email address should be located on a new line.

If an existing contact already has one active opportunity, a new email will be automatically attached to it, if there are no opportunities yet, a new one will be created.