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Managing Emails

In Flowlu, all emails are listed in the Email section of the main menu. The recent emails are listed on the top, and you can scroll down to view the older emails.

If you have several connected email accounts, you will be taken to the general list of mails from all the accounts when you go to this module. 

With the tabs at the top of the page, you can quickly switch between the email accounts.

To the right of the tabs, you can switch between incoming or outgoing messages. Your Inbox shows all of the emails that you’ve received from your contacts. The Sent folder is your outbox.

Flowlu lets you sort your emails such that either the oldest or the latest emails are displayed on top. By default, the latest emails are listed first.

In the list of emails, set one or more filters to group the emails or to quickly find the necessary message. You can filter the emails by folder, date, link to an opportunity, contacts and tags. Find out more about managing filters.

If there is a specific email that you are looking for, you can use search.

Click on the gear icon in the top right corner to set up the display of only the necessary fields in the list of emails.

Click on the synchronization button to update the email list.

If you click on the button with three dots in the top right corner, the drop-down list opens. Here you can go to the settings of your email account and blocked addresses, as well as to connect a new email account.

Blocked Addresses 

When you block a sender, messages they send you will automatically go to your Spam folder.

To add a new address, click the Block Email button and specify each new address in a separate line.

You can also add a contact to the Blocked Addresses by clicking on the block icon next to the email address in your message.


This tab displays email contacts and associated CRM accounts. Use this tab to edit the email contact, relate it to another CRM account or block it. You will see the renamed email contact when creating a new email and searching for a contact to send it to.

Account Settings

In the settings of the email account, you can change the parameters selected when connecting the account:

  • signature
  • account and sender name
  • sync frequency
  • enable CRM features (creating new contacts and opportunities, etc.)
  • open and click tracking

Here you can also configure from which folders you want to upload emails to the system. Then, you can choose to display the emails only from the necessary folders using filters in the list of emails.

You can also set up the folder preferences:

  • save sent emails to the folder you need;
  • save completed emails to the folder you need;
  • save spam emails to the folder you need.

Please note that whether your emails are displayed correctly in the Outbox depends on selecting the appropriate folders for your sent messages.

Access Management

In Flowlu, you can specify who else can access the emails and set permissions for certain employees. The access rights are set up individually for each account connected to the system.

In the Access Management tab, select users or user roles and set permissions individually for each employee/role:

  • read
  • send
  • edit and send

Bulk Actions

In the system you can manage several emails at once: delete them, mark them as read or unread, send them to spam folder.

Check the appropriate emails or select all the messages at once. In the top menu pane, select the required action from the list. To delete several emails at once, click the "trash" icon.

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