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Creating Business Process

Upon entering the module, you will be directed to the "Cards" section. From this window, you can initiate the first process using the Create button or the New Process button.

Creating a Process

The business process creation window itself contains two fields: "Name" and "Description". The "Name" field is mandatory and marked with an asterisk (*).

After saving the data, a window with business process settings will open, which includes four sections:

1) Fields

A list of custom fields that will make up the business process instance card. When creating a custom field, you can specify it as mandatory to fill in. Use this for information without which the business process cannot be launched. More information about the type of custom fields can be found in another section of the Help Center.

2) Users

A list of users who will have access to the business process. You can set access rights to the business process for both a group of users and individual users.

There are four levels of access:

  • Can run processes - the user will only see instances that they have launched within the business process to which they have access. Cannot edit instance information or change its status. The ability to leave a comment in the instance card and view automations that have been applied to the instance is available.
  • Can view all processes - does not have the ability to launch new instances, but sees all previously created instances in this process. The same actions are available in the instance card as in the previous access level.
  • Can run and view processes - combines the capabilities of the previous two access levels.
  • Can manage business processes - similar to the rights of the module administrator, with the exception of creating automations and access to editing them. Has access to business process settings, can edit instance card data, create new instances, and manually move them through stages.

3) Stages

A list of stages through which an instance will move in this business process. You can  also change the color, delete, or add new stages, add a description and change the name.

The list of stages also has additional structuring. The list is visually divided into two blocks: "Process Stages" and "Final".

Stages from the first block will be displayed on the board with instances and displayed in the list of instances.

Stages from the second block will not be displayed directly on the board or in the list of instances, as these stages reflect the status with which the instance is completed in the business process.

4) Settings

In this section, you can change the name and description of the business process, set a title for instances of this process (you can use variables from the values of custom fields from the "Fields" section), allow deletion of completed instances, and also mark the fields that will be available for filling in when creating an instance.

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