How to Delegate a Task

A task can be delegated by the person created a task (owner) or the person assigned to perform a task (assignee).

An owner can choose assignees while creating a task or afterwards.

A task can be assigned via Quick task add form. Go to Assigned to the folder and choose an assignee to the left of the field.

You can also select an assignee in a task form from a drop-down list.

You can also choose an assignee after creating a task by moving the task to Assigned to a folder. 

If, for example, the assignee has a heavy workload or is going on vacation and is not able to finish a task on time, he/she can delegate this task to a colleague. You have to click the arrow button and choose a new assignee:

Next, the owner gets a notification on the assignee change, while a new assignee gets a notification on a new task. The previous assignee becomes a collaborator and stays informed.

All delegated tasks appear in the Assigned to a folder, use a filter by Assignee to quickly navigate through a task list: