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How to Track Time for Tasks

With time tracking, you can see the total time spent by employees per day or month, and evaluate team efficiency using reports.

Flowlu lets you track both estimated and spent time. Spent time is a period of time taken for implementing specific tasks. Estimated time is a period of time set by task owner for implementing a task (when creating a task).

You can also set up estimated time after the task is created by clicking on the time tracker in the task ticket. 

Automatic Time Accounting

Go to the task, click on the Start button. Time tracker runs:

After you switch a time tracker on, task can be paused or finished.

When assignee pauses a task, a record that monitors time and date of the time tracker running is automatically created in the relevant tab. After you restart a tracker, a new record is created on the Time elapsed tab.

Time records sum up, total elapsed time on a task is displayed in the Time spent field.

In order not to search for an already started task on a list, click on the time-tracker and a task opens in a sidebar.

Please note: Using automatic time accounting, time-tracker informs assignee on the future deadline. When the time left is less than an hour, the timer tracker gets red. The closer to the end of the deadline, the more intensive is the red highlight.

Manual Time Accounting

Went for dinner, took a nap, played ping-pong and forgot to switch the timer off?  Don't worry, it’s all right: total time indicators are revocable. Open the Time elapsed tab, click on the time field, edit and press Save.

Time elapsed may be edited by an owner and a task administrator module only. After the task is accepted by the owner, time editing is not available.

To delete an unnecessary record, check the box to the left of the time column in a line you need. After that, the Delete button appears.

To create a new record, click the Add Record button.

The date and time of the record adding are set automatically. 

Time should be set this way: to set time in minutes, type “m” next to a number. Or “0 – space bar – 30” to set 30 minutes. If you need to set hours, it is enough to type number only. If you want to set hours and minutes, type numbers through a space bar. For example: “2 – space bar – 30”. The hours and minutes are set automatically.

When the time record was created or edited manually, record gets appropriate checkmark:

How to Disable Time Tracking

If you do not need time accounting, switch it off in the module settings. Go to Portal Settings → Time Tracker. Uncheck "Track time by tasks and projects" option.

Time Indicator

Employees may track the number of spent time using the Time Indicator extension which can be installed from the Marketplace  Apps section.

Clicking on indicator opens a report on the current date on the side panel. It shows the time spent on each task today.

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