Estimated and Actual Project Cash Flow Forecast

Plan and manage the project cash flow using the Cash Flow Forecast tab.

The following items are displayed here:

  • amounts of planned and actual payments;
  • amounts of planned and actual expenses;
  • the planned and actual balance of cash on a specific date.
Please note: Payments are displayed with a turquoise arrow, expenses—with a red one. A yellow triangle next to the actual amount means that the actual payment date is different from the planned one (earlier or later).

You can change the planned payment dates right on the list. This comes in handy if you see that, for example, a negative balance appears in the planned balance and, therefore, you need to quickly modify the payment schedule.

Cash Flow Chart

You can visually see the planned and actual cash flow in the project by switching to the chart. It shows what happens to the free cash balances on each date during the project implementation.

  • The dashed line on the graph shows the planned balance for each date.
  • The continuous line shows the actual remained balance. It will be created when you will start entering the actual payments. Ideally, it should be the same as the planned one. The chart immediately shows the deviations from the planned flow, which allows you to quickly respond, fix the situation and modify the future schedule of planned payments.

You can do switching between planned and actual cash flow over the chart. To display the desired flow, click on the one you want to hide.

  • The red line warns about a cash gap, it shows temporary periods in which cash flow will be negative and you will have to use your own funds or money from other projects.

Example of a planned graph with a negative balance