How to Delete a Transaction or Payment?

All transactions are linked to payment documents. Therefore, they are deleted with payment documents.

Method #1. From the Transactions Section

Go to the Finance application, Transactions section. Click on the transaction name in the Title column.

The payment document will open. Click the Delete button in the lower-left corner of the document:

If there are several transactions in the payment document, you can delete one of them through a red minus button. When saving the document, by default a transaction will be created for the remainder of the amount specified in the document and marked as unallocated.

Deleting a transaction in the payment document

An unallocated amount in the payment document

If necessary, you can delete only the link. To do this, open the payment document page and click on the cross button. In this case, the transaction itself will be saved, but will not be linked to the project or invoice.

Method #2. From the Money Section

Go to the Finance application, the Money section, select one or more documents and click the Delete button. The payment document will be deleted along with its transactions: