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How to Distribute a Payment to Multiple Transactions

One payment or expense document can be distributed into multiple transactions. Each transaction is linked to a specific financial item, and, if necessary, to an invoice or project.

  • To create multiple transactions for a record, go to the Finance app, to the Money tab and open it:
  • Click the Split the amount button to create an additional transaction:
  • Specify the financial categories for each transaction (1).
  • After specifying the amount for the first transaction, the system will automatically calculate the balance. Click on it to automatically fill in the Payment or Expense fields.
  • If you want to split transactions by percents, fill in the column for each row (2).
  • If necessary, add more transactions via the Add New Row button and save the document (3).

If you create transactions for a smaller amount specified in the record, then when you save it, a balance transaction will be automatically created and marked as an unallocated amount.

After distributing the payment into several transactions in the Money section, the following will be displayed:

  • in the Category column—the number of transactions created. When viewing this item, you will see which financial categories were used to make transactions and for what amount.
  • in the column Relations—invoice numbers or project names, if the transactions were assigned to them.
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