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How to Manage Multiple Currencies

Flowlu supports multi-currency which means that you can manage financials and create invoices/estimates using foreign currencies. This feature makes it easier to operate on global market and manage multiple transactions from different customers. 

Base Currency

This is a primary currency of your business used by default in your account. 

To set up base currency, go to Portal Settings > Main Settings. 

Please note that you cannot change the base currency if your account already has linked invoices, payments, etc.

How to Add Multiple Currencies 

In Flowlu, all currencies are linked to the bank accounts. Only users with Administrator access level can add new currencies.

Go to "Portal Settings" > "Finance" > "Bank Accounts."

Click "Create Account."

Specify the name, account type, currency and organization to which the account belongs.

Here you can also immediately record the account balance as of a certain date.

Read more about creating bank accounts in the following guide.

After creating a bank account, a new currency will appear in the Exchange Rates section ("Portal Settings" > "Finance"). By default, conversion to the base currency is performed at the exchange rate of Exchangerate.host. 

By clicking on the Source, you can set your own exchange rate. 

Select "Custom" and specify your own exchange rate.

Where Can You Use Different Currencies in Flowlu?

  • Products and services.
  • Invoices.
  • Estimates. Please note that when you create an estimate, you need to select a currency, not a bank account. Currencies here are collected and derived from all company accounts in the account.
  • Payments, expenses and transfer.

Financial reports will be generated both in your company's currency and additional currencies.

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