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How to Create a Personal Imprest Account

Only Administrators can create personal accounts for employees. To learn more about access rights for the Imprest Fund module, explore the related article. 

To create a new account, click the Create Personal Account button.

In the opened window, you can specify the following information: 

  • account name
  • main currency
  • owner (a person who manages this account)
  • default status (to include all transactions from the account in the Money tab in the Finance module)
  • organization (to learn more about organizations in Flowlu, explore this article).

You can also enable the following options: 

  • Not include transactions made within this account to the total balance
  • Show financial categories
  • Allow for changing the transaction status (cash flow, not executed, etc.)
  • Needs approval (if each transaction needs to be reviewed by the administrator). 

Once all the changes are made, click Save.

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