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Burndown Chart

Due to this report, you will be able to track the speed of the team’s work and understand how it fits in with the deadlines.

The report clearly displays how many story point should be completed every day and how many of them are completed in reality. Story points are recorded in the report when the issue moves to the last stage.

To open a report, go to the project:

Going to the Burndown chart

How is Data Measured?

Say, you have determined the sprint volume at 50 story points and set the deadline of 20 working days. A straight line (the line of ideal burndown) on the diagram will show how many story points ideally should burn each day. The actual line will display how many story points are left to be closed for the current day. If the actual line is above the ideal line, the team is lagging behind, below—it is ahead of the plan.

In the report, Y-axis displays the total number of remaining story points, and on the scale X—the sprint days.

If you run multiple sprints, then each will display its own report.

Sprint Completion

At the sprint completion, all incomplete issues will be moved back to the backlog with the same stage of work as they were. At the planning meeting for the next sprint, they should be revised.

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