Mass distribution of transactions into categories

If when creating or loading the bank statements, the transactions were not assigned to any financial item, they are considered to be unallocated. In the "Money" section in the "Category" column, such transactions will be marked as unallocated.

Unallocated transactions in the "Money" section

In the section "Finance" → "Money" unallocated transactions can be immediately assigned to the necessary financial category. To do this, click on the drop–down list. When selecting a category, the changes will be saved automatically.

To assign several transactions to the same financial category at once, select them and click on the "Allocate" button.

In the opened sidebar, you can change the assignee and the category of income or expense.

Here you can remove the check marks from the documents that do not need to be distributed:

After that, click the "Save" button and the changes will be made.