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⚙️ Minor automation and task improvements

2 min read

While our devs are preparing some big and important updates for you, we can still amaze you with small but mighty improvements.

1. New field types for the "Field Update" rule in Task and Opportunity Automations.

Recently, we added a feature to automatically link the assignee and task owner. Now, we've updated this feature with two new actions:

  • Who created the task — Owner
  • Who changed the task — Modified by

Use case: Once the task reaches a new stage, the assignee changes to the teammate who created the task. It’s a perfect case when you need to pay an invoice. Your manager creates a task for an account to send payment. Once the payment is completed and the task moves to another stage, the manager from the first step becomes an assignee again to fill in the report of service completion.

2. New field types to add or replace participants and followers in the Task and Opportunity Automation.

  • If the field type contains "add", you can automatically add a new participant or follower to the task or opportunity once it reaches a new stage.
  • If the field type contains "replace", you can automatically select a new option to replace the old one. For example, change the previous follower to the new one once the task is completed.

To learn more about "Field Update" automation, explore our knowledge

3. Link a task to the list directly from the task’s main page.

Formerly, you could link a task to the list from the task settings. But recently, we added this option to the right menu of the task, so you can easily select the list from the drop-down menu.


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