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Small updates for project portfolios and task workflows

1 min read

Today, we have two small improvements for you!

The first improvement was made for recently released project portfolios, while the second was to easily link task workflows for new tasks and projects.

Ready to have a closer look at what's been done?

1) To easily monitor the finances of your projects inside the portfolio, we added a few filters. From now on, you can observe the finances of targeted projects:

  • Active
  • Closed
  • Successfully closed
  • Failed
  • Paused

To learn more about how to observe finances inside portfolios, explore our knowledge base.

2) Tired of swiping to find the necessary workflow for a task? It’s not a problem anymore, because now you can drag and drop task workflows in the list to easily organize them.

We also added a feature to set the workflow as the default. The default workflow will be automatically linked to new tasks and projects. If you set the default task workflow for a project, all the tasks inside the project will be linked to this workflow.

All the important information about the task workflow updates is already in our knowledge base.

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