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Becoming A Project Manager: A Complete Guide

Kelly Richardson
Kelly Richardson
August 25, 2022
5 min read
Becoming A Project Manager: A Complete Guide

On average, project managers run between 2 and 5 projects, which is extremely busy. Are you considering becoming a project manager? You’ll need to improve your organization skills and much more to be successful and ensure your projects are delivered to a high standard and on time.

What do you need to know before becoming a project manager? Keep reading for the complete guide to becoming a project manager, including good habits, software investments, and security investments.

Investing In Project Management Software

Project management software is the holy grail of project management. It allows you to keep your team in the loop from anywhere, which is vital in a hybrid or remote work model. If you are taking a collaborative approach to project management, you can invest in a software solution that facilitates collaborative planning. Project management software allows you to streamline the following processes:

  • Workflow creation — you can create workflows in line with your project plan, allowing you to assign specific tasks to your team and gain an overview of which team members are overscheduled. You can distribute assignments to maximize efficiency. During the project, you can update your plan and provide your team with real-time data to avoid communication errors.
  • Progress updates — you can easily view when each task in your workflow is complete with progress updates. Your employees can mark when they have started each task and when the job is done – which will give you more insight into when your team will finish your project.
  • Collaboration — project management software allows your team to share documents and also allows you to create workflows for both groups and individuals. Most project management tools integrate with communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Slack to enable easier sharing.
  • Reporting — you can use the automated report creation of project management software to gain more insight into your team’s key performance indicators and what percentage of your project is complete.
  • Resource management — project management software also offers resource management tools to help you keep track of any additional resources you will need to complete the project, such as meeting rooms, materials, and information.
  • Budget management — some project management tools offer budget management to ensure you’re keeping track of employee and contractor hours for invoicing and providing your project management is adhering to the established budget.

Not only does project management software allow you to simplify the above processes, but it also allows you to host all of your project management information on a single platform for better oversight and more accessible information retrieval.

Considering Your Goals And Priorities

To ensure you’re meeting your project management goals, you must clearly establish which goals are of the highest priority. When you have set these goals, you can track them as KPIs to ensure your project is running as intended and identify any areas that require improvement. Some examples of these KPIs include:

  • Time spent — this KPI refers to the time each team member or individual has spent on the project.
  • Completion date — you need to measure which tasks were finished before and completed after the deadline.
  • Planned hours vs. time spent — you need to review whether your team managed to meet the deadlines you set for each task and whether you completed the project in line with your entire project deadline.
  • Cost — you need to maintain an awareness of how much you spent on the project compared to your planned project budget.
  • ROI — this is the project’s projected value compared with the total cost.

Investing In A Single Security Platform For All Security Processes

If there is a security breach during your project, your business could suffer losses, and your project could be compromised. So, investing in a security system that keeps your project management data safe is essential.

One of the best ways to improve security for your project is to ensure your business is equipped with a fully integrated security system, unifying all security tools on a single platform. Security cameras, access control, and other security tools integrate into a cloud-based system.

A cloud-based card access control system provides alerts and real-time updates on security events to ensure a faster response to potential security threats, enabling you to act quickly and prevent a breach that could compromise your project.

Presenting Your Plan To Stakeholders

You should create a detailed project plan, from the budget to goals and projected deadlines. Then you must present your program to the company’s stakeholders for approval. The stakeholders will likely point out areas where you must make corrections.

If you would like to learn what traits and abilities you should concentrate on honing to become a great project manager, feel free to explore the following guide on becoming a project manager.


Project management software is a unique tool for project managers. So long as you have the budget and a large team, investing in project management software is highly justified. To ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish, you should also consider investing in airtight and fully-integrated security to prevent a damaging data breach. Adaptability is the foundation of successful project management, and you should be prepared to adjust your plan in line with external factors.

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