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Online Project Management Software

Manage your project portfolio, track workload and collaborate with your team using professional project management tools.
Flowlu - Online Project Management Software
All your information is stored and encrypted using the TLS protocol.
Explore the seamless onboarding and knowledge base.
Everything for planning, managing and analyzing your projects.
Fully customizable
Customize Flowlu to meet the needs of your business and clients.
Comprehensive, Visual, Intuitive
Streamline project management, keep track of all details online and deliver real value to your customers.
Flowlu - Comprehensive, Visual, Intuitive
Everything for convenient work
Evaluate Project Performance
Gain a clear real-time overview of everything you need to know about your project at glance with Flowlu online project management software. Instantly view project progress, key milestones and deadlines, budget status, estimated and spent time on tasks. Stay on top of your projects!
Flowlu - Evaluate Project Performance
Create Your Own Project Workflows
Quickly create similar projects with a predefined sequence of activities using project workflows. Indicate stages, milestones, and a set of tasks to free your teammates from repeatedly creating the same projects from scratch. Focus on objectives and bring real value to your clients!
Flowlu - Create Your Own Project Workflows
Maximize Efficiency with Kanban Board
Visualize your project work, prioritize tasks and re-plan whenever necessary. Gain an understanding of your project progress and how different tasks move through stages. Let your team effort concentrate solely on the tasks that require to be done now.
Flowlu - Maximize Efficiency with Kanban Board
Keep Track of Project Cash Flow
Cash flow planning is a key to successful project implementation. Easily forecast project revenue, calculate costs and compare these against actual results. Control plan fulfilment and monitor overall project profitability with a powerful project tracking tool.
Flowlu - Keep Track of Project Cash Flow
Invoice Your Clients
Instantly create and send professional invoices directly from a project. Track how many hours your team spend working on tasks, easily log their billable hours and invoice customers in a single click.
Flowlu - Invoice Your Clients
Manage Multiple Projects
Flowlu project board gives you a comprehensive visual overview of the progress made along the project stages. It provides a high level of transparency that allows you to understand the status of each project at a single glance.
Flowlu - Manage Multiple Projects
Track Time Spent on Projects
Track time using an online timer to know how much your team have worked on each project and task. Easily turn time tracked on individual tasks into reports and make smarter business decisions with an easy-to-use project management app.
Flowlu - Track Time Spent on Projects
Record Project Issues
Monitor overall project health and status with simple issue log. Easily capture and manage the details of each bug, problem, improvement or suggestion that needs to be resolved in project delivery. Looking for an easy-to-navigate Scrum software?
Flowlu - Record Project Issues
Add More Context to Your Projects
Create custom lists with your own columns for managing any types of data — inventory, agreements, letters, etc. Use custom fields to record and store specific information and key details that meet your organization's needs.
Flowlu - Add More Context to Your Projects
Schedule Events
Plan and manage appointments in a shared or private calendar, and link all events to projects and customers. Set reminders to make sure nobody forgets about an upcoming meeting or client presentation.
Flowlu - Schedule Events
Manage Project Documents
Store your files and documents at one single place to keep them organized and find them quickly whenever needed with the online project collaboration tool.
Flowlu - Manage Project Documents
Keep All Emails in One Place
Connect your email account to Flowlu and track your emails in one single place. Associate your emails with projects and have a consolidated view of all client’s communication. Always be aware of how your project is progressing!
Flowlu - Keep All Emails in One Place
Track Project Workload
See in one glance how busy your managers are across all projects and how your team's work is divided. Make sure no one’s over or underworked and keep your business on track!
Flowlu - Track Project Workload
Keep Conversations Separate
Seamlessly collaborate with your team wherever they are in a separate project chat. Send messages and get quick replies, resolve issues, share updates and ideas. Keep everything in one single place, available anytime!
Flowlu - Keep Conversations Separate
Communicate Effectively
Use comments to easily collaborate on your tasks, leave project notes, attach files or provide updates. Use @mentions to discuss important details with teammates or request a response if you need their expert assistance.
Flowlu - Communicate Effectively
Keep Up to Date
Use online project management software to get notified on relevant project updates and always keep track of what’s going on with your project. Avoid cluttering your feed with unnecessary notifications — use intuitive settings to choose the updates to follow.
Flowlu - Keep Up to Date

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  • 20 Project Templates
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Why businesses love Flowlu?

An Overall Excellent Product
Flowlu is one of those products that delights with every click on a new feature. I generally don't trust apps that try to be all things, but Flowlu is well designed with business needs and the end user in mind. I can honestly say I read every comparison I could find because making a change is a very big deal. The race was tight, and what he... Read more
Dr. Virginia R.
Dr. Virginia R.
Comprehensive solution for project management and CRM
Flowlu is a comprehensive solution for project management and CRM software. Especially when you don’t want to have a dozen separate systems and drown in integration efforts. The interface is easy to use, and there are some amazing features, such as fully automated task flow inside the system itself. It also has enough customization capabilities ... Read more
Tomas V.
Tomas V.
Flowlu allows businesses to manage projects from anywhere.
This software is great!! So easy to enter information and schedules. This solution keeps me very productive! I have a tendency to try to tackle too much at once and end up with an overwhelming number of unfinished tasks. I like the fact that I can share the tasks and lists with anyone just by using their email addresses. Read more
Alvin Buckley
Alvin Buckley
Events Services
Top notch
Flowlu is easy to grasp out of the gate. The UI/UX is way better than anything else I've tried. What I like most is everything! Flowlu has really thought things through and is looking even brighter for the future! Just take a look at their roadmap and you'll be nothing but impressed. They have a free trial period. I highly recommend yo... Read more
Marcos R.
Marcos R.
Chief Problem Solver
I just love it!
My company was looking for a CRM/Project Management/Client Portal and I immediately recommended Flowlu (I discovered it in my previous job and was seriously impressed). They were quick to implement once they saw what it could do, and they looked at lots of other software. It really does everything very, very well. They're improving all the ... Read more
Shimi M.
Shimi M.
Support Specialist
Pumped about Flowlu
I was looking for a viable platform that would make my business more profitable and easier to run and manage to meet my requirements for a very long time. Some platforms offer similar functions to Flowlu but Flowlu offers speed, performance and overall product quality. I am implementing and testing the platform now in several companies that I ru... Read more
Martin G.
Martin G.
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