Project Management Software for IT Teams

Flowlu project management software for IT teams brings you a real-time overview of your work progress, provides transparency, reduces time spent on manual work, and enhances team collaboration. Gain all essential tools for small and medium-sized departments of IT professionals and software engineers. Simplify your IT management with task and time tracking, cash flow forecasting, agile projects, knowledge base, customer relationships management and mind maps.

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Flowlu Online Agile Project Management

Kanban Board for Tasks and IT Projects

Easily visualize team performance with a handy Kanban board for both IT tasks and projects. Analyze team workload and gain visibility into what each team member is working on at the moment. Handle several projects simultaneously with ease and grasp the state of each project at a single glance.

Kanban Board for Tasks and Projects

Agile and Scrum

Deliver high-quality digital products faster and improve customer satisfaction with Agile and Scrum project management tools. Track bugs, plan sprints, prioritize the backlog, collect feature requests and feedback. Determine the teamwork pace and detect roadblocks with the handy task burndown chart.

Agile and Scrum

Time Tracking for IT Teams

Effectively track every minute your engineers spent on tasks and projects, and invoice your clients based on this data. Set a time tracker or log time manually. Compare actual time against estimated time and increase profitability.

Flowlu Time Tracking

Invoicing and Cash Flow Management

Create professional estimates, convert them into invoices and email to your customers right from your account. Connect payment gateway integration and get paid faster. Track expenses and payments by projects and clients.

Flowlu Invoicing for IT Services

Client Management

Store your relationship with clients in one single place — sent emails, completed tasks, scheduled events, paid invoices, related projects. Configure your client’s page with custom fields and lists to add any other information specific to your business.

Flowlu Client Management

Automation for IT

Automate billing with recurring invoices and online payment gateway integrations. Reduce doing repetitive assignments with recurring task templates, project workflows and automation rules. Save time for more meaningful work and maximize your team’s productivity.

Flowlu IT Automation

Internal Knowledge Base

Create an easy-to-navigate knowledge hub for your engineers, QA, IT support, DevOps team, etc. . Provide a better experience for the new hires with an onboarding knowledge base and preserve the company’s most valuable information.

Flowlu IT Knowledge Base

IT Team Collaboration

Let your developers and other experts communicate in one unified platform with a built-in online messenger. Discuss assignments in comments, mention colleagues to ask for assistance, and get real-time notifications on important updates.

Flowlu IT Collaboration

Integrate Flowlu With Popular Tools

Flowlu project management software for IT professionals allows you to seamlessly integrate your account with your existing tools to avoid jumping between dozens of pages. Flowlu also provided an open API and webhooks, enabling custom integrations with any app. Access all your data in one single place with a customizable all-in-one business management platform.

Flowlu Integrations

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