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CRM for Manufacturing Business

By seamlessly integrating with the entire manufacturing process, Flowlu CRM empowers businesses to cultivate stronger customer relationships, streamline operations, and foster a culture of collaboration across departments.
Flowlu - CRM for Manufacturing Business
All your information is stored and encrypted using the TLS protocol.
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Everything for planning, managing and analyzing your projects.
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The Ultimate Sales and Service Solution
Reshape the customer relationships, streamlines operations, and propels your business toward greater efficiency and success.
Flowlu - The Ultimate Sales and Service Solution
Key Features of CRM for Manufacturing
Customer Data Management
Efficient management of customer data lies at the core of CRM systems for manufacturing. From contact details to purchase history, Flowlu consolidates information, providing a comprehensive view of each customer. Customer records serve as a repository for the entire chronicle of interactions, sales, payments, and documents.
Flowlu - Customer Data Management
Product Database
CRM systems help companies optimize their inventory levels, reduce holding costs, and enhance overall supply chain efficiency. Maintain a digital product catalog with price lists, measurements, files, categories and tags within a single cloud service. Utilize the custom lists feature to craft tables tailored to your preferences, incorporating any content and columns of your choice.
Flowlu - Product Database
Invoices, Quotations & Contracts
Generate quotations, estimates and invoices effortlessly, sending them directly from customer records, and seamlessly monitor their statuses. Create document templates for contracts and automatically populate them with information stored in CRM. Customize templates to eliminate the need to start from scratch each time. Streamline documentation preparation and save time on repetitive tasks.
Flowlu - Invoices, Quotations & Contracts
Workflow Automation
By automating routine tasks and order processing, reduce operational costs associated with labor and manual errors. Automate sales processes and opportunity management to minimize the chances of human error, ensuring that every step in the manufacturing process is executed precisely.
Flowlu - Workflow Automation
Order Processing and Project Tracking
Facilitate seamless order processing and project tracking, monitor orders in real-time, manage production timelines, and respond promptly to customer inquiries. Flowlu offers an extensive project record that houses all the necessary information in one comprehensive window. Tasks, expenses and revenue, notes, specifications and time spent are conveniently accessible without the need to switch tabs.
Flowlu - Order Processing and Project Tracking
Clear financial reports provide precise insights into your business's revenue and help you identify the primary sources of profit and key customers. Monitor revenue and expense dynamics, adapt to changes in seasonal demand, minimize inefficient spending, and manage cash flow effectively. Save valuable time, redirecting it towards optimizing production processes.
Flowlu - Reporting
Cash Flow Management
Document both the inflow and outflow of cash for your manufacturing company. Retrieve details on expenses and payments for any chosen period and based on specific parameters, instantly determining balances across each bank account.
Flowlu - Cash Flow Management
Real-Time Dashboards
Add effective dashboards for a manufacturing company to display key performance indicators and relevant data in a visually accessible and actionable way. Break down production costs, including labor, materials, and overhead. Display overall revenue and profitability trends. The dashboards are accessible and user-friendly on mobile devices for on-the-go monitoring.
Flowlu - Real-Time Dashboards
Team Collaboration
Centralize the operations of all departments within a unified platform. Foster communication and collaboration among all employees, facilitating online discussions to share crucial information and ideas. Establish distinct groups for various departments to enhance collaboration. With Flowlu, rest assured that no vital comments will be overlooked.
Flowlu - Team Collaboration
Knowledge Management
Effectively managing employee knowledge is a crucial aspect of any business. Establish a corporate knowledge base for your company, documenting internal processes within the production company to provide a reliable reference for employees at all times.
Flowlu - Knowledge Management
Client Portal
Invite clients, distributors, partners or other stakeholders to the Customer Relationship Management platform, enabling task assignment, chat functionality, and access to specific sections. The flexible access settings ensure that crucial information remains private for you and your team. External users can seamlessly track the progress of work and engage with the team on matters of interest at any time.
Flowlu - Client Portal
How to Choose the Best CRM Software for Manufacturing Business
Manufacturers operate in a complex environment, dealing with a multitude of clients, suppliers, and distributors. CRM software aids in organizing and optimizing these interactions, leading to improved operational efficiency and heightened customer retention. Let’s unravel the complexities of choosing the ideal CRM software for manufacturing organizations.
  • Assessing Specific Business Needs
    Every manufacturing company is unique. Before selecting a CRM system, it's crucial to identify specific business needs and choose a solution that aligns with those requirements.
  • Scalability and Flexibility
    A Customer Relationship Management system should be scalable to accommodate future growth and flexible enough to adapt to changing business dynamics. Choosing a solution that grows with the company is key.
  • User-Friendly Interface
    User adoption is a critical factor in the success of CRM implementation. Opt for a system with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, minimizing the learning curve for employees.
Flowlu - How to Choose the Best CRM Software for Manufacturing Business

What are the Benefits of CRM in Manufacturing?

Customer Loyalty

Build and nurture lasting relationships with customers. Personalized communication, timely responses, and a deep understanding of customer needs contribute to enhanced satisfaction and loyalty.

Increased Efficiency

By automating routine tasks, CRM streamlines manufacturing processes. This results in increased operational efficiency, reduced errors, and a more agile response to market demands.

Enhanced Sales

Gain valuable data that can be leveraged for targeted marketing campaigns and sales strategies. Understand customer preferences to tailor your offerings and maximize sales opportunities.

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Why businesses love Flowlu?

An Overall Excellent Product
Flowlu is one of those products that delights with every click on a new feature. I generally don't trust apps that try to be all things, but Flowlu is well designed with business needs and the end user in mind. I can honestly say I read every comparison I could find because making a change is a very big deal. The race was tight, and what he... Read more
Dr. Virginia R.
Dr. Virginia R.
Comprehensive solution for project management and CRM
Flowlu is a comprehensive solution for project management and CRM software. Especially when you don’t want to have a dozen separate systems and drown in integration efforts. The interface is easy to use, and there are some amazing features, such as fully automated task flow inside the system itself. It also has enough customization capabilities ... Read more
Tomas V.
Tomas V.
Flowlu allows businesses to manage projects from anywhere.
This software is great!! So easy to enter information and schedules. This solution keeps me very productive! I have a tendency to try to tackle too much at once and end up with an overwhelming number of unfinished tasks. I like the fact that I can share the tasks and lists with anyone just by using their email addresses. Read more
Alvin Buckley
Alvin Buckley
Events Services
Top notch
Flowlu is easy to grasp out of the gate. The UI/UX is way better than anything else I've tried. What I like most is everything! Flowlu has really thought things through and is looking even brighter for the future! Just take a look at their roadmap and you'll be nothing but impressed. They have a free trial period. I highly recommend yo... Read more
Marcos R.
Marcos R.
Chief Problem Solver
I just love it!
My company was looking for a CRM/Project Management/Client Portal and I immediately recommended Flowlu (I discovered it in my previous job and was seriously impressed). They were quick to implement once they saw what it could do, and they looked at lots of other software. It really does everything very, very well. They're improving all the ... Read more
Shimi M.
Shimi M.
Support Specialist
Pumped about Flowlu
I was looking for a viable platform that would make my business more profitable and easier to run and manage to meet my requirements for a very long time. Some platforms offer similar functions to Flowlu but Flowlu offers speed, performance and overall product quality. I am implementing and testing the platform now in several companies that I ru... Read more
Martin G.
Martin G.
Integrate with your favorite tools
Connect your existing apps and workflows with pre-made integrations

Challenges in Implementing Manufacturing CRM

Resistance to Change
Introducing a CRM system may face resistance from employees accustomed to traditional methods. Effective change management strategies are crucial to overcoming this hurdle.
Integration Complexities
Integrating a Customer Relationship Management platform with existing systems can be complex. However, investing time and resources in seamless integration is essential for reaping the full benefits of CRM.
Data Security Concerns
Manufacturing companies deal with sensitive data, making data security a top concern. Robust security measures must be in place to protect customer information and internal processes.
Customization for Different Manufacturing Sectors
Different manufacturing sectors have unique challenges. CRM must be tailored to address industry-specific requirements, whether it's automotive, electronics, or food production.
Overcoming Unique CRM Challenges
Manufacturing companies may face challenges specific to their operations. Identifying and addressing these challenges during CRM system implementation is crucial for success.

Tips for Successful CRM Implementation

Employee Training and Engagement
Comprehensive training programs ensure that employees are not just familiar with the Customer Relationship Management system but actively engage with it. A well-trained team maximizes the benefits of CRM software.
Flowlu - Employee Training and Engagement
Regular System Updates and Maintenance
CRM systems evolve, and regular updates are essential to stay current with technological advancements. Routine maintenance prevents glitches, security vulnerabilities, and ensures optimal system performance.
Flowlu - Regular System Updates and Maintenance
Continuous Monitoring and Feedback
Post-implementation, continuous monitoring and feedback mechanisms help identify areas of improvement. This iterative approach ensures that the Customer Relationship Management system evolves alongside the changing needs of the manufacturing company.
Flowlu - Continuous Monitoring and Feedback
Frequently Asked Questions
You will find the answers in the knowledge base or write to us in the online chat.

The primary benefits include improved customer relationships, streamlined processes, and enhanced sales and marketing efforts.

No, CRM is beneficial for companies of all sizes. It can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each business. For example, the best CRM for small manufacturing businesses is an affordable CRM software solution with a user-friendly interface and powerful customization features, suitable for small manufacturers, considering budget constraints.

Robust security measures, regular updates, and employee training are essential to ensure the security of customer data.

  1. One common misconception is an overemphasis on the cost of CRM implementation. While there is an initial investment, the long-term benefits often outweigh the costs. 
  2. Some may perceive CRM as overly complex. Demystifying the implementation process and showcasing its user-friendly aspects can dispel this misconception.
  3. Understanding the full spectrum of CRM capabilities is essential. It's not just a sales tool; it's a comprehensive solution that addresses various aspects of manufacturing operations.

The future of CRM in manufacturing is marked by continuous technological advancements. Embracing emerging technologies ensures that manufacturing companies stay competitive and agile.

The integration of CRM with supply chain management enhances visibility and collaboration across the entire supply chain. Real-time data exchange enables proactive decision-making and efficient coordination. The Customer Relationship Management system bridges the gap between different departments involved in the supply chain. Improved communication and collaboration lead to a more agile and responsive supply chain.

If you’re looking for the best CRM software for the manufacturing industry, gather insights from professionals who have firsthand experience with CRM in manufacturing, exploring success stories and user reviews at Capterra or G2. Some of the best CRMs for manufacturers include Salesforce, Hubspot and Flowlu. For example, Flowlu posses a number of benefits for manufacturing companies: 

  • Custom Fields: Should the predefined fields prove insufficient, customize your own to meticulously document the essential data.
  • Detailed Project Page: Keep project information at your fingertips for seamless management.
  • Custom Lists: Showcase customized lists precisely where you require them. Effortlessly capture and locate the necessary information within seconds!
  • Automation: Eliminate manual intervention in repetitive tasks, allowing for faster and more accurate completion of processes
  • Document Builder: Accelerate document workflow, leading to faster, successful completions. Streamline the generation of invoices, estimates, and quotations, automatically sending them to customers and facilitating online payments within the manufacturing CRM.
  • Dashboards: Track the status of customer invoices and easily identify top-performing sales managers. Compare production costs to revenue generated. 
  • Integrations: Flowlu is a well-integrated Customer Relationship Management system that connects seamlessly with other business applications, such as email, telephony and online payment gateways creating a unified ecosystem that enhances operational visibility.

With manufacturing professionals constantly on the move, having access to critical customer data at their fingertips becomes crucial. Mobile Customer Relationship Management system ensures that sales teams, managers, and executives can access real-time information anytime, anywhere, leading to faster decision-making. Flowlu’s mobile app facilitates seamless communication by providing a centralized platform for team members to collaborate, share updates, and discuss work-related matters effortlessly.

  • The future of CRM in manufacturing is intertwined with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. These technologies bring predictive analytics, enabling manufacturers to forecast demand, optimize production, and enhance decision-making.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping manufacturing, and its integration with CRM is on the horizon. The synergy between IoT and Customer Relationship Management systems promises real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and a deeper understanding of customer behavior.
  • The integration of predictive analytics into CRM systems empowers manufacturing companies to make data-driven decisions. Anticipating market trends, identifying potential issues, and optimizing processes become more achievable with predictive analytics.
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