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Flowlu is a powerful task management tool that allows you to gain control of your team's tasks and skyrocket your productivity.

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Lightning-Fast Task Management

Convert your ideas into tasks instantly with the task management software for teams. Do it now, schedule, or delegate to others. Easily filter tasks by project, priority, due date or even assignee. Quickly take a look at what’s done, what’s coming up soon and what needs your approval. Get notified about new and completed tasks as well as other relevant task updates.

Task Management Software for Teams. Lightning-Fast Task Management

Focus on Important Things

Move planned tasks out of the mind by recording absolutely everything. Instead, concentrate on what needs to be done at the moment with our Tasks module inspired by ‘Getting Things Done’ methodology. Create any to-do lists by activity type, priority etc. For more complicated tasks, you can always break up a task with checklists.

Task Management Software for Teams. Focus on Important Things

Custom Task Statuses

Create your own statuses for the tasks that match your business requirements. Instead of basic statuses like “To Do”, “In Progress,” and “Complete,” set up custom task workflows and have full control over current task progress.

Flowlu Custom Task Statuses


Use subtasks to break complex tasks into smaller, more manageable steps and distribute each one to teammates. Configure its own deadline, choose an assignee, add a collaborator. The parent task will be automatically closed out once all the subtasks are completed.

Flowlu Subtasks

Powerful Time Tracking for Tasks

Flowlu lets you track spent time on tasks and projects without effort. Start or stop the timer with a single click, quickly switch timing between tasks, pause for a coffee break or enter time records manually. Measure and analyze time spent on each task, improve your productivity and efficiency of your time management!

Flowlu Powerful Time Trackingt

Task Templates

Need to create plenty of similar tasks that are to be carried every now and again? Create templates and easily replicate tasks to save your time and boost your productivity. Define steps and terms, choose assignee and observers, attach files or even set a reminder. Start managing your work effectively with a simple task management app!

Flowlu Task Templates

Repeated Tasks

Create recurring tasks for the same set of work or activities that need to repeat at specific intervals like weekly reports or contacting clients. Simply set up recurrence options and your tasks will be created repeatedly at a specified date and time. Automate routine tasks so you can concentrate on more meaningful work!

Flowlu Recurring Tasks

Link Emails to Tasks

Connect your mailbox to Flowlu and track your email communication in one single place. Link your emails to tasks and never forget to follow up on important messages. Make the emails associated always easy-to-find!

Link Emails to Tasks

Task Automation

Build a predefined sequence of certain actions that are performed when the task's status changes and specific conditions are met. For example, send notifications to the task owner when the deadline is close. Or, customize a rule to automatically change the task assignee when the task moves to a specific status. You can create multiple automated workflows to meet the needs within your organization.

Flowlu Task Automation

Collaboration Made Easy

Use comments to easily collaborate on your tasks, leave notes, attach files and provide updates. Instantly draw your colleagues’ attention to a particular task with @mentions to discuss important details and share ideas. Request a response from your colleagues if you require their expert assistance or urgent response.

Flowlu Powerful Collaboration Features

Kanban View for Tasks

Visualize your work, prioritize tasks and instantly see what is ready and what needs to be done. Gain a clear overview of your project progress and how different tasks move through stages. Let your team efforts concentrate solely on the tasks that require to be done now.

Flowlu Tasks Kanban

Smart Decisions

Use reports to gain insights into your team’s progress, evaluate work quality, determine scope of work and its dynamics, analyze estimated and spent time on tasks and plan future work strategies. Identify possible obstacles and enhance your team’s efficiency with an advanced task tracking tool!

Flowlu Powerful Reports

Team Instant Messenger

Utilize task management software to easily discuss tasks with your team, get opinions, resolve questions, share updates and ideas in real time. Create private or group chats for effective collaboration. Share important files and images to provide more context and easily invite new teammates to the discussion.

Flowlu Team Messenger

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